Whaling footage ordered to be released – a win for public interest law!

After years of fighting for transparency, EDO NSW and our clients - Sea Shepherd and HSI - announce that the Information Commissioner has agreed that Australians have the right to see publicly-funded whaling footage.

BY EDO NSW Solicitor Stacey Ella

24 May 2017

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Join us in thanking our volunteers during Volunteer Week 2017

If you’ve ever called us for legal help or accessed our vast array of legal information, chances are you’ve used the services of one of our many volunteers. For National Volunteer week 2017, we’d like to introduce you to Jasmine and Kit, two of our talented, committed volunteers.

8 May 2017

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How can we make national environmental laws better?

How can we improve our national laws to make sure we are protecting the environment for the future? A panel of experts is working on their vision for ‘next generation’ laws, and is calling on others to contribute.

By EDO NSW Policy and Law Reform Director Rachel Walmsley

4 May 2017

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Congratulations Wendy Bowman

Please join us in congratulating our client Wendy Bowman, who has been awarded the internationally prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

By EDO NSW Principal Solicitor Elaine Johnson

24 April 2017

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Analysis: the ever changing face of Barangaroo

The massive urban renewal project underway on public land at Barangaroo has had its fair share of controversy. It has been criticised for its ever-increasing bulk and scale, for being an abuse of the planning process, for representing bad value to the NSW public and has been the subject of two court cases, the most recent concerning the location of the Crown Sydney casino.

By EDO NSW Outreach Director - Community Programs, Jemilah Hallinan

27 March 2017

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A newly discovered frog gets some help from Kangy Angy and EDO NSW

Have you ever heard of Mahony’s Toadlet? Probably not, given that this little frog has only recently been discovered.  We’ve just helped a residents’ group from Kangy Angy, on the NSW Central Coast, get an emergency listing for this rare frog on the NSW threatened species list.

23 March 2017

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Want to shape the laws that shape your neighbourhood? Get the lowdown on changes to NSW planning law

If you need help with your submission on the proposed changes to NSW planning laws, these EDO NSW resources can help.

By EDO NSW Policy and Law Reform Director Rachel Walmsley

8  March 2017

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Planning reform podcast: an expert view from EDO NSW

EDO NSW's Jemilah Hallinan and Nari Sahukar talk about the proposed changes to NSW planning laws, which are open for public comment until the end of March 2017.

2 March 2017

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Protections for water too fluid?

The fluidity of legal protections for Sydney’s drinking water has been exposed by a proposal to modify a consent condition that limits the impact of Centennial Coal’s Springvale coal mine on water quality in Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

By EDO NSW Outreach Director - Community Programs, Jemilah Hallinan

22 February 2017

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Complementary measures: is carp herpes really a substitute for water in the Murray-Darling?

The Australian Government is under pressure to implement new ‘complementary measures’ in the Murray-Darling Basin. These measures would substitute environmental water flows for actions that do not involve the release of water into the system – such as introducing a herpes virus to kill carp. However complementary measures are no substitute for water, and are not provided for under either the Water Act or Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

By EDO NSW Policy and Law Reform Solicitor Dr Emma Carmody

2 February 2017

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