Our Current Appeal

As you know, in recent weeks the NSW Government has passed legislation that changes the way we will manage biodiversity in NSW, and it’s not good news for the environment.

The NSW land management and biodiversity reforms will:


But even though the biodiversity and local land services bills have been passed, many of the details on how to implement these laws have not yet been decided. This means we still have a lot of work to do. Please make a tax deductible donation to our work today.

Our work, and the work of the community, to protect our unique biodiversity needs to be underpinned by strong environmental laws. The new laws fall a long way short of what is needed. But we still have a chance to shape how these laws are implemented. 

We need you with us to protect endangered wildlife, bushland and sustainable farming practices.

It is vital that EDO NSW is able to continue to provide expert, independent analysis of our laws and how they are implemented, and we need your help to ensure the information gets to those who need it.

We know that you’re as concerned as we are about the missed opportunity to address the most significant threats to biodiversity such as land clearing and climate change. However, there is still an opportunity to improve the detail underpinning these laws before they come into effect. 

Here’s what we’ll do in the first half of 2017:

  • Provide recommendations on the new Biodiversity Conservation Regulation, which needs to create red lights for development that impacts on our critically endangered species.
  • Recommend amendments to local land service regulations to ensure they prevent a return to broad scale land clearing.
  • Act on any suspected illegal clearing reported by community members to our environmental law advice line.
  • Provide input to the NSW Government's testing of the new Biodiversity Assessment Method, which will determine how the impacts of development on biodiversity are managed.
  • Make recommendations for the new State Environmental Planning Policy that is going to decide the fate of urban vegetation and biodiversity.
  • Scrutinise the development of the new Regulatory Map which will decide what vegetation will be regulated and what areas will be unregulated.
  • Provide advice to community members and groups who want to participate in the public submission processes on the new regulations, codes and policies.
  • When all the details are settled we will update our fact sheets and run community workshops to explain the new laws and what role communities can play in protecting our biodiversity.

The biodiversity reforms are just one of a suite of legislative reforms that EDO NSW is currently providing advice on. We need to continue working to ensure that our laws will protect our biodiversity for generations to come. Please support our work today.

As you take time off over the New Year, you might be visiting some beautiful places across our state – places that with your help, we can protect through law. We are committed to this work but we can’t do it without you. Please make a tax deductible donation to our work today.