Farming & Private Land Management

EDO NSW has produced a number of resources relevant to farming and private land management

Fact Sheets on this topic include:

  • Conservation on Private Land
  • Chemicals & Pesticides
  • BioBanking
  • Biodiversity Assessments

EDO NSW also undertakes law reform work relevant to farming and private land management. Read our submissions.

EDO NSW represents individuals and community groups in public interest litigation to protect the environment. Read about our past cases relevant to farming and private land management.

Learn how to Have Your Say about decisions relevant to farming and private land management.

Conservation on Private Land

Please note the law governing private conservation changed in August 2017 and this fact sheet is out of date. It will be updated shortly.

This fact sheet explains how landholders in NSW can voluntarily conserve areas of ecological or cultural value on their properties, including through agreements with NSW and Australian governments and the Nature Conservation Trust, and outlines the protection afforded by each model.

This fact sheet will be useful for landholders who wish to protect the environmental or cultural value of their land, people who don’t own land but who want to contribute to the conservation of wildlife and ecology in NSW and people contemplating purchasing land which has some form of conservation agreement registered on the title.

Other fact sheets you may find useful: Protected Areas, BioBanking, Native Animals and Plants, Threatened Species and Ecological Communities, EPBC Act, Commonwealth Threatened Species Law

Chemicals & Pesticides

This Fact Sheet explains how the use of chemicals and pesticides is regulated in NSW. It identifies the authorities involved in the regulation of chemical and pesticide use, and details the types of orders they can make and the penalties for not complying with these orders. It details chemical and pesticide offences, and explains how these offences are enforced.

This Fact Sheet will be useful for people who are concerned about chemical or pesticide use near their home or place of work, or who want to report a breach of suspected chemical or pesticide offences.

Other Fact Sheets you may find useful: Air, Water and Noise Pollution, Waste Management, Contaminated Land, Water Quality Assessment, Air Quality – Dust Monitoring.

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