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EDO NSW is a community legal centre specialising in environmental law. We provide free initial legal advice.

We have a range of Fact Sheets to explain the law on different topics, such as tree disputes, pollution, planning and mining (see the full list of topics to the right). 

We encourage people to read the relevant fact sheet before calling for legal assistance.

But if you don’t find the answer to your questions in our fact sheets, please call our Environmental Law Line. Your request will be allocated to one of our solicitors who will call you back, usually within a few days of your call.

While we aim to be as accurate as possible, sometimes mistakes are made. If you find an error or can’t find a fact sheet that relates to your issue, please contact us.



Featured Fact Sheets


Trees (including Tree Disputes)

This Fact Sheet explains how trees are protected in towns and cities. It includes information about protections put in place by local councils, and how these protections are enforced.

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Water, Air & Noise Pollution

This Fact Sheet explains how air, water and noise pollution is regulated. It identifies the responsible authorities involved in the regulation and enforcement of different types of pollution. It explains how pollution can be authorised by environment protection licences, and discusses how the public can have their say about the issuing and renewal of licences. It details common pollution offences, and explains how you can report and enforce these offences.

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