Outreach Program

The key objective of our Outreach Program is to empower the community to protect the environment through law

This is achieved through a range of educational tools.

  • Community workshops to enable practical participation in environmental decisions;
  • Seminars on key issues to promote law reform and the implementation of new laws; and
  • Plain English educational materials, including fact sheets and legal guides, explaining environmental law and policy.


Through the Outreach Program, the capacity of the community to engage effectively in environmental decision-making and to respond to environmental issues is developed and enhanced. A key feature of the Outreach Program is the Have Your Say project which provides information on opportunities to participate in environmental decisions and guidance on how to do so effectively.

The Outreach Program promotes early engagement in issues, which is vital to achieving successful outcomes. Timely information and expert assistance helps communities to take a more proactive approach to the environmental issues they face.