10 ways to defend the environment this year - EDO NSW

10 ways to defend the environment this year

Would you like to deepen your commitment to EDO NSW and the environment? Here are some ways to get involved this year.

  1. Have your voice heard – use the map on our Have Your Say online resource to find opportunities to comment on developments in your area and around Australia.

  2. Learn how to get more involved in promoting a sustainable future by browsing How can I have my say? and reading our plain English legal guides.

  3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word about our work to defend the environment.

  4. Sign up to our weekly eBulletin to stay in touch with developments in environmental law and policy.

  5. Come along to one of our community workshops – if you’re signed up to our eBulletin, you’ll be able to see when there’s a workshop in your area. Better still, why not request a workshop on environmental issues in your community?

  6. Subscribe to Environmental Defender, our quarterly supporter newsletter.

  7. Donate – nearly a third of our income comes from donations from people like you who want to protect our environment.

  8. Become a Friend of the EDO – your monthly contribution will help us ensure we are ready to respond when the community needs our help.

  9. Donate from your pre-tax salary via workplace giving.

  10. Make a bequest – by adding us to your will, your legacy can promote ecologically sustainable development.

Professional development workshop in Wagga Wagga

Professional development workshop in Wagga Wagga in 2016