Elaine Johnson in Australian Geographic EDO NSW

Australian Geographic profiles EDO NSW lawyer

Our Principal Solicitor Elaine Johnson has featured in an Australian Geographic portrait of an Australian environmental lawyer.

In a wide-ranging interview, Elaine speaks about the day to day of work at EDO NSW and her unique perspective on Australian environmental law.

She might walk in one morning to be greeted by an urgent appeal for help from a community mounting a tree blockade, and then move on to landmark cases such as the current Gloucester hearing on the proposed Rocky Hill coal mine, which Elaine sees as  an opportunity to "advance the EDO’s principles and use the law to protect the environment, not just for that community but other communities as well".


"Like many environmental lawyers, Elaine believes current environmental laws should be updated to reflect Australia’s current predicament. However, she’s found that, given the very short time we now have to prevent dangerous climate change and how long it would take to pass laws, lawyers like her are now reverting back to old-school tactics."

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