Australia's faunal extinction crisis - EDO NSW

Australia's faunal extinction crisis

Inquiry into Australia's faunal extinction crisis - Submission by EDOs of Australia

September 2018 - Download this submission

Almost 2000 species and ecological communities are listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable to extinction in Australia. A strong legal framework to protect biodiversity and build resilience is essential for reversing the trajectory towards extinction facing many of our unique species.

EDOs are all about protecting the environment through law and our contribution to this inquiry focuses on legal solutions to the extinction crisis.

We recommend a new Environment Act for Australia is needed to address the contemporary, interlinked challenges of extinction and biodiversity protection, natural resource management, land use, human settlements, production and consumption systems and climate change. The Environment Act must be underpinned by renewed national leadership, independent and trusted institutions, high levels of environmental protection, with strong community engagement and access to justice.

This submission first notes the 13 broad recommendations for biodiversity reform, and then identifies specific recommendations related to the terms of reference.


A superb parrot. Photo: Ron Knight, Wikimedia, Creative Commons

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