Bequests - EDO NSW

Gifts in wills

Making a bequest

A growing number of Australians are leaving legacies and gifts in their wills for charitable organisations. By including EDO NSW in your will, you will be assisting the community to protect the Australian environment through the law into the future. You will be:

  • investing in New South Wales' only specialist environmental legal centre;
  • supporting the provision of public interest legal services to community groups and individuals; and
  • helping protect the natural environment.

The importance of your will

Your will is a document that states how you wish your assets to be distributed upon death. Without a will, you allow others to make decisions about your estate. By making (and updating) your will, you ensure that your estate is distributed in the way you wish.

What can I give?

You can bequeath:

  • cash, either a specific sum or a percentage or the residue of your estate; or
  • other gifts such as jewellery, works of art, shares and other goods.

You may wish to discuss with us the type of gift you intend to leave EDO NSW, so that we an ensure that we are able to apply your gift to our work. We recommend, where appropriate, that you discuss your desire to make a gift to EDO NSW with your family or loved ones, so that your intentions are clear to all concerned.

Wording your intention

Including EDO NSW in your will is simple. The following standard wording can be included:

'I bequeath to EDO NSW ABN 72 002 880 864 of Level 5, 263 Clarence Street, Sydney, Australia the sum of [or percentage of estate, details of property or shares] for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary, Treasurer or other proper officer will be a full and absolute discharge to my Executor for the bequest and my Executor will not be bound to see the application of the bequest.'

Contact us for more information about making a bequest.