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How can we stem the tide of a plastic-polluted future?

By EDO NSW Senior Policy & Law Reform Solicitor Nari Sahukar

15 October 2015

The harm caused by plastic pollution in the marine environment is well established. In our submission to a Senate inquiry into the threat of marine plastic pollution, EDOs of Australia make a number of recommendations on how to improve Australia's laws and policies on marine plastic pollution.

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Right to Know Week highlights the importance of access to information to achieve environmental justice

By EDO NSW Outreach Solicitor Emily Ryan

28 September 2015

Today is Right to Know Day, an international event held annually that highlights the importance of public access to information in ensuring open, accountable, and transparent governance. The NSW Information and Privacy Commission is marking the occasion with Right to Know Week this week to raise awareness about the community’s right to access government information.

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EDO NSW under attack, yet again

By EDO NSW Executive Director Jeff Smith

21 August 2015

Our involvement in the successful Carmichael case has reignited attacks on the office with new articles criticising EDO NSW in the Australian in recent days. These attacks date back to 2011, and recur not infrequently.

We are always happy to be accountable, and welcome scrutiny of our work. Here, though, the accusations are old, and have been answered time and time again. We have a lot of work to do in protecting the environment through law, and we are determined to get on with it.

However, we are again happy to set the record straight. 

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Proposed changes to Federal environmental laws a step backwards for the environment and communities

By EDO NSW Executive Director Jeff Smith 

19 August 2015

Update: Coalition members of the Senate Committee have handed down a report supporting the Government’s Bill to remove extended standing for environment groups to access the courts. Labor and the Greens released dissenting reports.

The Federal government has announced plans to introduce legislation which would repeal a key provision under the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act), limiting the ability of the community to enforce Australia’s national environmental laws. 

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Carmichael shows the law is working well

By EDO NSW Executive Director Jeff Smith

7 August 2015

It’s been suggested over the last few years and again today that legitimate legal cases, such as the appeal against the Adani Carmichael coal mine, are really just attempts to frustrate or delay major projects.

This misrepresents the importance of the rule of law, the Court process and the substantive legal protections the law rightly provides for the environment in Australia.

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Is the Carmichael Court win a mere technical hitch?

By EDO NSW Principal Solicitor Sue Higginson

5 August 2015

No it is not.

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The Future of Environmental Zones in the North Coast

By EDO NSW Outreach Solicitor Nina Lucas

4 August 2015

Environmental zones in north coast planning documents continue to be under the spotlight following the recent judgment in the North Lismore Plateau case and the ongoing Government review of environmental zones in the region.


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Aboriginal Elder's court victory is a win for the environment and the community

By EDO NSW Outreach Solicitor Emily Ryan

9 July 2015

The Land and Environment Court has confirmed that effective community consultation is fundamental to the process for making and amending local environmental plans (LEPs).

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Court sets emission reduction targets for Dutch Government

By EDO NSW Principal Solicitor Sue Higginson

25 June 2015

In landmark climate change litigation the Dutch Government has been ordered to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% within 5 years.

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Legal challenge seeks documents on seismic testing in whale zones

By EDO NSW Solicitor Elaine Johnson

28 May 2015

EDO NSW has launched a legal action on behalf of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) which seeks to gain access to documents relating to Bight Petroleum’s plans to conduct seismic exploration in whale breeding grounds near Kangaroo Island, off South Australia.

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