Land-clearing Code reintroduced - EDO NSW

Reintroduction of Code a missed opportunity

10 March 2018

The decision by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries to immediately remake the Land Management Native Vegetation Code without amendment (following yesterday's Court order declaring it invalid) is very disappointing. 

This is a missed opportunity for the Government to correct laws that scientists, lawyers and the community know will result in large scale destruction of important habitat for our threatened species, including the koala.

The laws are not supported by science and indeed one of the Government’s own advisors on the Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel, Professor Hugh Possingham, publicly resigned over the terrible effect these laws would have on biodiversity in NSW.

We will be talking to our client the Nature Conservation Council of NSW about next steps in relation to the new Code, given it fails every test for responsible environmental management.

Taking on this case for our client was necessary to ensure accountability and respect for the rule of law. Challenging the failures of Government Ministers to adhere to the laws made by Parliament is an important part of defending democratic principles and the rule of law.