Community Engagement Strategy Crown Land Management Act 2016

Submission on draft Community Engagement Strategy under Crown Land Management Act 2016 - EDO NSW submission

December 2017 - Download submission

In this submission EDO NSW calls for a reorientation of the draft Strategy from a narrow concern with present “use and enjoyment” to focus instead on the recognised importance of the long-term values and significance of Crown lands.

We also recommend a more open and inclusive approach to engagement that recognises its many benefits, especially for informed decision-making. This reflects the new Act, its objects and the management principles and reflects contemporary expectations of community engagement regarding long-term interests and diverse public lands.

We make 6 key recommendations to strengthen the draft Community Engagement Strategy:

  1. Replace proposed “current use and enjoyment” trigger with a broader test that recognises the long-term values and significance of Crown lands
  2. Community engagement and other criteria should inform impact assessment by Crown land managers
  3. Significantly reduce exceptions and exemptions from community engagement
  4. Engagement principles – Crown land managers should be Accountable and Responsive
  5. The Strategy and the Regulation must require land managers to consider public submissions in decision-making
  6. Format of the Strategy must be clear and enforceable.

This is the latest in a series of submissions on the Crown land reforms.