Congratulations Wendy Bowman - EDO NSW

Congratulations Wendy Bowman

Please join us in congratulating our client Wendy Bowman, who has been awarded the internationally prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

By EDO NSW Principal Solicitor Elaine Johnson

24 April 2017

Wendy is a landowner whose family has lived and farmed in the Camberwell area in the Hunter Valley since the 1880s.

We have had the privilege of working with Wendy over many years in her fight to protect the Camberwell community and its precious water resources from the cumulative impacts of coal mining.

I first met Wendy in 2009 when she was engaged in a battle to save the Camberwell Common from being handed over to an international mining company.

Together with another Camberwell resident, Deidre Olofsson, Wendy has fought long and hard to protect and preserve this tiny village from being completely surrounded by open cut and underground coal mines.

I have seen how a strong sense of justice underlies all Wendy’s hard work ensuring that agricultural land, water, biodiversity and Aboriginal heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Wendy Bowman 

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and fight when your opponents are powerful and well-resourced.  Wendy is a tireless and selfless advocate for her community and the environment, and her determination and grace under enormous pressure have inspired all of us at EDO NSW. We’re delighted her courage is being recognised internationally.

Congratulations Wendy.

Awarded each year to six ‘heroes’ around the world, the Goldman Prize recognises significant achievements in protecting the environment and communities.

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