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Decommissioning offshore petroleum infrastructure in Commonwealth waters

Discussion Paper – Decommissioning Offshore Petroleum Infrastructure in Commonwealth Waters

31 January 2019: Download this submission

EDOs of Australia has submitted a comment on this Discussion Paper.

EDOA strongly supports proposals to strengthen the regulatory framework for management decommissioning of offshore petroleum infrastructure. It is clear from the experience of mine rehabilitation in the terrestrial environment that without an adequate regulatory framework there is a significant risk of offshore petroleum infrastructure being abandoned at the end of production, thereby leaving the Australian community with a large financial burden that should rightly be borne by those companies’ profiting from exploitation of offshore petroleum resources. We provide comment on the Discussion Paper in relation to seven issues:

-Decommissioning principles
- Decommissioning Obligations
- Information Available to Government
- Legal Responsibility
- Financial responsibility mechanisms
- Post-title compliance and enforcement
- Other issues and opportunities