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Defending the environment and advancing the law into 2017

It has been a busy and successful year for the EDO NSW team. Our litigation work is just one aspect of our work, but in 2016 we’ve taken on so many challenges, and we will no doubt take on many more in 2017.

By Sue Higginson, Chief Executive Officer, EDO NSW

19 December 2016

Below, you can read about three examples of our important work defending the environment through law and in the courts. You can help us continue the fight to protect our environment and heritage by making a donation today.

Defending the Pilliga in Court  People for the Plains v Santos

We’re representing People for the Plains in an appeal of the Land and Environment Court’s decision that allows the Santos water treatment facility to process over one million litres of CSG wastewater every day without first undertaking the proper planning and environmental assessment.

The community is very concerned that such an industrial scale wastewater development could be considered CSG exploration, and so be exempt from public consultation and development consent. It’s crucial that the law on this important issue is determined with certainty, as it will set a precedent for similar industrial scale, long term projects associated with resource exploration in the future.  Read more » 

A section of the Pilliga State Forest


Access to information – Quipolly Water Action Group v NSW Department of Industry

We’ve just successfully helped community group Quipolly Water Action Group gain access to documents on the regulation of groundwater at Whitehaven Coal’s Werris Creek coal mine near the Liverpool Plains in north-west New South Wales. With this decision, the public will have access to key documents showing how the mine’s groundwater impacts are being managed.

This is a significant win for everyone in NSW. With the release of this information, the community will gain valuable insight into the ways that the Department of Primary Industries (Water) regulates the impacts of coal mines across the State and whether this management meets community expectations. Read more »

Dried up section of Quipolly Creek


Protecting drinking water  4nature v Centennial Springvale Coal Mine

In their ongoing battle to protect Sydney’s drinking water catchment, 4Nature has asked us to help them appeal a Court decision that lets the Springvale coal mine in the Blue Mountains discharge large amounts of mine water into the Coxs River system, part of Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

With your support, we can keep supporting clients like 4Nature through the entire litigation process, ensuring they can challenge decisions where we think the law may not have been correctly applied.  Read more »

Coxs River


In 2017 we’ll be continuing our fight to uphold our environmental laws and protect the rights of communities and people who care about our environment. But we need support. Please make a donation this Christmas to ensure EDO NSW is there to defend the environment and advance the law into 2017 and for many for more years to come. Donate online now »

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