Diverse Women in Law - EDO NSW

Diverse Women in Law

EDO NSW paralegal Cecilia Fonseca has become a founding member of Diverse Women in Law (DWL), a Sydney-based group that aims to work directly with women from diverse backgrounds in the legal sector.

DWL is comprised of women across the legal sector, employed in large commercial firms, boutique law migration firms, in-house, in government or currently studying law at a NSW university. This week they launched a university roadshow series with an event at the University of Wollongong's Liverpool campus. The roadshow is an opportunity for aspiring female law students to meet and interact with DWL members, hear their stories and ask questions about career pathways. The next event is due in June 2019 at UTS.


Culturally diverse women experience a double jeopardy of 'intersectionality' when accessing leadership roles, due to both their gender and cultural backgrounds. This intersectionality is the way that multiple aspects of diversity (eg language background, disability status, sexual orientation) form part of our identity – and therefore our experience at work.

Through networking, learning and development opportunities for its members, DWL hopes to alleviate this double jeopardy and increase awareness of the unique talents of diverse women in the law.

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