Greater Sydney Commission Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan - EDO NSW submission

Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan

EDO NSW submission to the Greater Sydney Commission

December 2017 - Download submission.

This submission reviews the objectives of the Sydney Region Plan and raises 10 key issues for the Greater Sydney Commission:

1. Linking economic and environmental outcomes to embed Ecologically Sustainable Development

2. Ten Directions - Delivering, monitoring and reporting of metrics and outcomes

3. Resolving conflicting priorities

4. Clearer interaction with State Environmental Planning Policies

5. Biodiversity and heritage protection

6. Green infrastructure - welcome recognition, need to embed in planning controls

7. Clearer emissions reduction targets to avoid dangerous climate change

8. Western Sydney Airport and other economic objectives must embed sustainability

9. Waste reduction - need to emphasise waste avoidance (plastic packaging etc)

10. Clear language is needed to spark public engagement.

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