A message from Sue Higginson - EDO NSW

A message from Sue Higginson

It’s with a heavy heart and an abundance of excitement that I am moving on from this brilliant institution that I love. I am not going yet, but now seems appropriate to indulge in a bit of reflection.

I started at EDO a lifetime ago, pioneering our first regional branch in my home region, the Northern Rivers. Our mission was to walk the talk and better serve rural and regional communities to protect their environment through law. In typical EDO fashion, we did just that. I learnt so much while doing what I know and love best; working with communities at the grassroots, helping those living and working in the natural environment to access environmental justice.

After many years public interest lawyering in the Northern Rivers, I heard a loud and clear calling to kick off my cowgirl boots and head to the big city to lead the legal practice as Principal Solicitor, and then eventually the whole office, as CEO. It has been such a privilege to work at this level with so many incredible players from all over the planet in the field of public interest environmental law.  

EDO serves such an important function in our society: defending the environment through law while advancing the law so that it is better fit for purpose. With its incredible clients, EDO holds people making decisions affecting the environment to account, including, where necessary, in court.

A mature, professional, legal, civil-society institution crafted by the greatest hands and minds in the field, EDO NSW is empowered, effective and highly functional, clear about its identity and function, boasting an unparalleled model. The future is brilliant and you are an essential part of it.

As I said, I am not going just yet, so let’s get back to business. The last few months have been busy as always. Our Gala Dinner was such a fabulous success. Thank you so much to all involved – sponsors, donors, guests, our hilarious auctioneer Cecily Hardy, our riotous MCs Roy and HG, Dr Karl for his sterling presentation and the wonderful Wendy Bowman, everybody’s hero. The Gala has become a cultural event where we can all get together to celebrate public interest environment law, remember why we do what we do together, and have a hoot.

Thanks to all the dedicated staff of EDO who keep the wheels turning every day. Congratulations to Kira Levin & Emily Long on the births of their babies, and we wish Stacey Ella & Sarah Roebuck the very best in their new roles at the EPA. A massive congratulations to our in-house water law expert Dr Emma Carmody for her fantastic extracurricular appointment to the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, which she manages to squeeze in around her EDO work!

And finally, thank you for helping us keep this show on the road. We couldn’t do it without you.


Sue with MCs Roy & HG at our 2017 Gala Dinner