EDO NSW Under Threat - EDO NSW

EDO NSW Under Threat

Today EDO NSW took the extraordinary step of contacting all our clients and supporters and asking them to speak up in support of EDO.

We don’t take this step lightly but our future as it stands is incredibly dire. We only have confirmed funding from our major funding source, the Public Purpose Fund, until 31 March next year.

Without a longer term commitment we face the prospect of drastically reducing our services to you. Services that we’ve been providing for nearly 30 years. This includes our popular free environmental law hotline, our workshops on topics such as private land conservation, publications including an upcoming guide to mining law and advice on policy issues like the current planning reforms.

Our record of work in public interest environmental law is something of which we are very proud. In recent years our notable cases have included: protecting the heritage-listed hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay, near Newcastle, from a massive subdivision; assisting farmers on the highly productive Liverpool Plains near Gunnedah, who are contesting coal mining expansion; supporting a coalition of citizens concerned about the public health implications of contamination of the $6 billion Barangaroo site on Sydney Harbour; and helping residents of the Blue Mountains to expose pollution from a State-owned power station discharging into Sydney’s main water catchment.

EDO NSW has a history of providing our services without fear or favour and free of the politics of the day. We want to ensure we can continue to support your efforts in defending the public interest and the environment.

If you believe in the work we do, please visit our website to find out how you can help.

*Jeff Smith is the Executive Director of EDO NSW.