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EIA Improvement Project

Submission on the Environmental Impact Assessment Improvement Project - Draft EIA Guidelines

September 2017 - Download PDF

The Department of Planning and Environment is reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for State significant projects in NSW to identify areas for improvement. This submission makes comment on the need to improve EIA processes and makes recommendations on the proposed series of 9 guidelines. The guidelines relate to the following EIA stages:

Guideline 1 - Overview of the EIA Improvement Project

Guideline 2 - Community Guide to EIA

Guideline 3 - Scoping an Environmental Impact Statement

Guideline 4 - Preparing an Environmental Impact Statement

Guideline 5 - Responding to External Submissions

Guideline 6 - Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Guideline 7 - Approach to Setting Conditions

Guideline 8 - Modifying an Approved Project

Guideline 9 - Peer Review

Further information about the EIA Improvement Project is available at here and here

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