EPBC Amendment (Standing) Bill 2015 - EDO NSW

EPBC Amendment (Standing) Bill 2015

Submission on EPBC Amendment (Standing) Bill 2015

11 September 2015 - Download PDF

EDOs of Australia strongly oppose the EPBC Amendment (Standing) Bill 2015.

In our view, passage of the Bill would:

  • reduce oversight of executive actions that affect the national environment – oversight that has operated successfully since the EPBC Act began; 
  • disadvantage both conservationists and landholders (as landholders would bear an increased burden for protection of the national environment); 
  • diminish public confidence in major environmental decision-making and the rule of law; and 
  • further erode the national response to the independent Hawke Review of the EPBC Act (2009) – which supported existing standing rights for judicial review, and proposed that standing be further expanded in other ways.

As a starting point for both State and Federal laws, EDOs of Australia supports ‘open standing’ for any person to seek judicial review of government decisions and civil enforcement of breaches.

Read our briefing note Who should have standing to protect Matters of National Environmental Significance in Court?, September 2015 - Download PDF