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Featured Opportunity - Energy Green Paper

The Australian Government has released the Energy Green Paper for public comment until Tuesday 4 November 2014.

The Green Paper follows an Issues Paper which was released in December 2013, and precedes the Energy White Paper, which will be the framework for reform of Australia's energy laws and policies. 

Four key themes have been identified for the Green Paper:

  • Attracting investment – improving regulation, skills, labour productivity and supply chains to make Australia a preferred investment location.
  • Putting downward pressure on electricity price rises – driving regulatory and market reform to constrain future price rises, and increase competition and consumer choice.
  • Gas supply and market development – bringing on more supply, an industry development strategy for unconventional gas as well as further work on an overall gas market development plan.
  • Future energy supply – securing reliable and affordable energy in a technology neutral way that could also help to lower emissions.

Warkworth Mine

The Australian Network of EDOs previously made a submission on the Energy Issues Paper which you can view on our website. This submission made a number of recommendations, including that:

  • The White Paper must engage with the broader energy context of preparing for a climate changed world, and integrate data from recent climate change reports.
  • The National Energy Objective should be amended to include environmental/climate change considerations, consistent with the Australian Energy Market Agreement.
  • Land access policies must acknowledge that mining may not be compatible with other existing or preferred land uses.
  • Any national harmonised regulatory framework for mining or CSG must require:
    • Mechanisms to ensure development is ecologically sustainable, and subject to objective decision-making criteria;
    • Thorough and independent assessment of all environmental impacts;
    • Better community engagement in land-use decision making;
    • Long-term strategic planning that achieves triple bottom line outcomes;
    • Increased monitoring and enforcement, and regular reporting and review.
  • The White Paper should address the need for strong greenhouse gas reductions – to 2020 and beyond.
  • The White Paper should examine opportunities to develop and export renewables technologies.
  • The White Paper should provide transparent information and directions to reduce fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Free trade agreements should avoid ‘investor state dispute settlement’ clauses.
  • The Government should implement a National Energy Savings Initiative.
  • Funding to implement the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act should continue.
  • Governments should improve building sustainability requirements across Australia and across building sectors.
  • The Renewable Energy Target should be maintained consistent with the 2012 review.
  • Governments should invest in alternative transport as well as transport fuel efficiency.

Submissions on the Green Paper are invited until Tuesday 4 November 2014Read more and have your say. EDO will be making a submission, so keep an eye on this page or sign up to our eBulletin to receive updates.