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Have Your Say

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Law and policy has a critical role to play in the sustainable management of the environment. Successful environmental policy depends on good regulation, which in turn requires community engagement. The importance of community engagement and public participation is recognised in many of our environmental laws. This resource aims to facilitate community engagement in environmental decision-making processes, and by doing so, help to achieve the objectives of environmental laws.

Lue workshop


Photo: Community workshop at Lue, near Mudgee, in central-western NSW.

This resource lists current and ongoing opportunities to have your say in environmental decision-making processes, and provides practical guidance on how to effectively use these opportunities to achieve better environmental outcomes. It can be used in conjunction with our e-bulletin which provides weekly alerts on new opportunities to participate in environmental decision-making.

It provides an overview of the environmental regulatory framework, and covers the community's role in law making, implementation, monitoring and enforcement. 

If you would like to request a free community workshop on how to influence environmental outcomes and how to use the material contained in this resource, contact EDO NSW at education@edonsw.org.au or on 02 9262 6989.


This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

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