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Helping Local Land Services and Council staff improve environmental outcomes

By Emily Ryan, EDO NSW Outreach Director 

28 November 2016

That's a wrap! Over the past four months we've run 13 environmental law professional development workshops for over 400 staff of Local Land Services and Local Councils from Broken Hill to Ballina, Deniliquin to Bourke, and many places in between.

At the workshops, we discussed the legal framework for managing and protecting the environment, and outlined laws that regulate biodiversity and native vegetation, planning and development, pollution, pests and weeds, and more. We also updated staff on the many law and policy changes currently underway. The workshops were supported by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

The workshops were designed to contribute to better environmental outcomes by promoting rigorous decision-making processes and the use of compliance and enforcement provisions to achieve the objectives of environmental legislation.

The workshops were a hit. Participants reported that the workshops helped them feel more confident in utilising a range of legal tools to make informed decisions and to ensure compliance with the law, with one participant saying ‘Excellent, thank you for the opportunity to discuss and receive information that has had your expert analysis.’

Workshop participants Wagga Wagga

Participants in the final workshop in Wagga Wagga

A big thank you to all who participated so enthusiastically in the workshops, and to our partners and hosts at Councils and Local Land Services (LLS) who helped us to target the training and put the workshops together.

Even though the current workshop program has now finished, due to the overwhelming success of the workshops we're happy to announce that we’re working toward offering professional development for staff of LLS, Local Councils, and others upon request into the future.

If you're interested in knowing more, or would like to request training for yourself and your colleagues for 2017, contact us on 02 9262 6989 or