EPBC Referral: Boggabri, NSW – Whitehaven Coal Vickery Extension Project

Whitehaven Coal Vickery Extension Project - This referral is for the Vickery Extension Project (the Action). The Action is separate from, but related to, the Vickery Coal Project (EPBC 2012/6263). The Action would include an extension of open cut mining operations at the Vickery Coal Project, including:

  • physical extensions to the approved mine footprint, including open cut and waste rock emplacement areas;

  • construction of a primary infrastructure area;

  • construction and operation of an on-site CHPP and train load-out facility;

  • development of the Blue Vale Road diversion to the east of the Vickery open cut; and

  • construction and operation of a rail spur and loop connecting to either the Maules Creek Mine and Boggabri Coal Mine spur (northern rail investigation corridor) or the Werris Creek Mungindi Railway (western rail investigation corridor).

Submissions invited until Friday 26 February 2016.

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February 26, 2016 at 5pm - 5pm
Vickery Coal Mine (proposed)
Map & Directions