EPBC Referral: Lord Howe Island, NSW – Eradication of introduced rodents

The Lord Howe Island Board (LHIB) is proposing to undertake the Lord Howe Island Rodent Eradication Project (LHI REP). The project aims to eradicate introduced rodents: the Ship Rat (Rattus rattus) and the House Mouse (Mus musculus) from Lord Howe Island (LHI) and its associated islands and rocky islets (excluding Balls Pyramid), hereafter referred to as the Lord Howe Island Group (LHIG).

Rodents are currently having significant impacts on World Heritage values including impacts to a range of EPBC listed species. The eradication of rodents will also present an opportunity to simultaneously eradicate the introduced Masked Owl.

Submissions invited until Monday 30 May 2016

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May 30, 2016 at 5pm - 5pm
Lord Howe Island
Lord Howe Island
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