Have Your Say on Santos's CSG project in the Pilliga

EDO NSW is producing a range of resources to help members of the community make submissions on the environmental impacts of Santos’s proposed coal seam gas field near Narrabri, Northern NSW. 

The community has a limited time to comment on the massive 7,000 page Environmental Impact Statement for the project: submissions must be in by Monday 22 May 2017. To help, we have made presentations at community workshops in Boggabri, Narrabri and Sydney. View a PDF of the presentation slides.

Coming soon: We are also coordinating expert scientific reports on the EIS. Find out when they are available by signing up to our weekly eBulletin, or following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Links and resources

Background to the project  

The Narrabri Gas Project involves the progressive development of a coal seam gas field comprising up to 850 gas wells on up to 425 well pads over 20 years, and the construction and operation of gas processing and water treatment facilities, including:

  • a central gas processing facility for the compression, dehydration and treatment of gas;
  • a water management facility for the storage and treatment of produced water;
  • an in-field gas compression and water management facility; and
  • water and gas gathering pipelines and ancillary infrastructure.

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