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Responding to applications

Comments from the community are also invited on things like environment protection licences, which have the potential to impact on the environment.

  • To comment on applications to vary environment protection licences, visit the EPA website. You can also comment on existing licences at any time. Licences are required to be reviewed by the EPA or other responsible authority at least every five years. You can write to the EPA and request a statement of reasons explaining why the EPA granted or refused an environment protection licence application. This includes applications for transfers or variations.
  • You can comment on applications to transfer a licence to use environmentally hazardous chemicals subject to a chemical control order. The EPA may publish applications in the NSW Government Gazette, which is published every Friday at 2pm.

Notifications about opportunities to comment on proposals are often required to be published. The NSW Government is required to publish notices for some proposals in a locally circulating newspaper, and sometimes a newspaper that circulates throughout NSW (often The Land). You can keep an eye on the papers to make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to comment.