Responding to government proposals - EDO NSW

Responding to government proposals

The national, State and local governments regularly invite input from the community on proposed changes to environmental laws. 

  • To comment on strategic assessments under environmental laws, visit the Australian Environment Department’s website. Strategic assessments are landscape scale assessments that look at a wide range of actions in an area. They can include assessments of industry sector policies, vegetation plans, biodiversity management, growth in metropolitan and regional areas, and the impact of industry on native plants and animals
  • To comment on draft plans of management for national parks in NSW, visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website. Plans of management are important because they set out how native plants and animals will be protected in the park and how people can use the park. Draft plans of management are placed on public exhibition before they are finalised, and the public can submit comments to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. For more information about plans of management for national parks, see our Fact Sheet on protected areas.
  • To comment on proposals to prepare management plans for Commonwealth marine reserves, visit the Commonwealth marine reserves website. Management plans for marine reserves are an important tool for protecting marine areas. Draft management plans are opened for public consultation before they are finalised.
  • To have your say about how environmental and conservation considerations are balanced against commercial and recreational interests in the marine environment, visit the NSW Marine Parks Authority website.