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Shaping environmental laws

Many environmental laws merely set out the framework for protecting the environment and rely on community involvement for proper protection. You can proactively seek to improve environmental laws through these processes.

  • Contact your local council to speak to them about joining a committee. Many councils have community advisory and consultative committees which may act as a liaison between the council and the community, or advise the council on matters such as the environment, heritage, and building and development.
  • Local councils are eligible for Coastal, estuary and floodplain management grants from the NSW government to assist local councils to manage risks such as coastal erosion, and to restore coastal habitats. For more information on how your council can apply, visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website.
  • Join the NSW Boards and Committees register, which is a list of people interested in serving on NSW Government boards and committees, such as reserve trusts for the protection of certain areas of environmental and heritage significance.