Shaping environmental laws - EDO NSW

Shaping environmental laws

Many environmental laws merely set out the framework for protecting the environment and rely on community involvement for proper protection. You can proactively seek to improve environmental laws through these processes.

  • Submit a Carbon Farming Initiative Methodology for assessment. The Carbon Farming Initiative is a voluntary carbon offset scheme. Under the program, farmers and other landholders have the opportunity to earn income for reducing their emissions through improved agricultural and land management practices, such as the reduction of emissions from livestock or fertiliser use, or increasing carbon in soils or vegetation through reforestation. Methodologies can be developed by individuals, industry associations, and government bodies.
  • Nominate a pesticide for review by the APVMA. You will need to provide research or evidence that the pesticide is harmful to health or the environment. APVMA has the power to review and vary the conditions of registration of pesticides. It can decide to cancel their registration if new information shows that they will be generally harmful, or harmful if used in particular ways.