Threatened species listings: 17 species - EDO NSW

Threatened species listings: 17 species

The Western Australian Government has assessed 17 species for inclusion on the EPBC Act threatened species list. These include:

    • Andersonia annelsii, a flowering plant;
    • Androcalva bivillosa, a flowering plant;
    • Bertmainius colonus, Eastern Stirling Range pygmy trapdoor spider;
    • Caladenia granitora, granite spider orchid;
    • Caladenia leucochila, Collie spider-orchid;
    • Conospermum galeatum, a shrub;
    • Eremophila sp. Narrow leaves;
    • Gastrolobium argyrotrichum, Metricup pea;
    • Gastrolobium humile, a flowering plant;
    • Hypocalymma sylvestre, a spreading shrub;
    • Kunzea ericifolia subsp. Subulata, a large shrub;
    • Leucopogon sp. Flynn, a spreading shrub;
    • Petrophile nivea, a shrub;
    • Pityrodia sp. A flowering plant;
    • Pseudococcus markharveyi, a mealybug; and
    • Stylidium semaphorum, a trigger plant.

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September 29, 2017
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