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IMPACT! is a contemporary and topical national journal of environmental law

As a national environmental law journal, IMPACT! focuses on the Australian legal context of these issues, with reference to the international situation where appropriate. Recent issues are below. View earlier issues in the IMPACT! archive

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Impact Issues

Australia’s environment: Breaking the One-stop-shop deadlock

Australia’s environment: Breaking the One-stop-shop deadlock

By Nari Sahukar, Senior Policy and Law Reform Solicitor, EDO NSW

IMPACT! Issue 97, 2016 - Download Issue

An exploration of the 'Onestop shop' agenda for environmental approvals, under which the Australian Government devolves to state and territory governments important Commonwealth powers of assessment and approval for projects likely to significantly impact on matters of national environmental significance - such as on World Heritage properties, threatened and migratory species, important wetlands, and iconic places like the Great Barrier Reef. This article critically reviews the Australian Government's attempts to implement the agenda, highlights the problems that this poses, and offers suggestions for a smarter approach.

Queensland Litigation to Protect the Great Barrier Reef

Strategic Assessment Under the EPBC Act

Fundamental Principles for Best Practice Biodiversity Offsets

Environmental Legal Aid Slashed When Australia Needs It Most


IMPACT! Issue 96, 2014 - Download Issue

Five big challenges for the NSW planning reforms

OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises: a potential forum for environmental disputes

Fullerton Cove case “epitomises” public interest litigation

On the value of law for the planet

Recent developments in the Tarkine evidence the need for a landscape scale approach to resource management


IMPACT! Issue 95, 2013 - Download Issue

The role of the NSW Planning Assessment Commission in ‘reviewing’ planning projects

The Olympic Dam decision: Mines, Uncle Kevin and judicial review under the EPBC Act

Politics vs science – Making better decisions

Limited access to justice in environmental law in the Northern Territory


IMPACT! Issue 94, 2012 - Download Issue

Victory in defeat: A case note on MyEnvironment Inc v VicForests and the importance of public interest environmental litigation

The COAG environmental law reform agenda

The role of planning laws in protecting the environment

Carbon compliance – enforcement in Australia’s new ETS


IMPACT! Issue 93, 2012 - Download Issue

The Murray-Darling Basin and groundwater – Selling the dog twice

Merit appeal rights in New South Wales – Improving environmental outcomes

The Victorian critical electricity infrastructure offences and climate change protest

Blue Mountains Conservation Society v Delta Electricity


IMPACT! Issue 92, 2012 - Download Issue

Making Sense of the Principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development

Trends in the Application of ESD in NSW Planning

Treading Cautiously: How the NSW judiciary appear reluctant to apply the precautionary principle

Are We There Yet? The integration of ESD into environmental decision making


IMPACT! Issue 91, 2011 - Download Issue

Green Claims and the Trade Practices Act

When Green Wash Won’t Wash: Avoiding misleading environmental claims

Green Marketing: Environmental claims and consumer rights

Carbon Offsets and Consumer Protection

Environmental Labelling of Food Products

Case Study: The Debate Over Egg Labelling


IMPACT! Issue 90, 2010 - Download Issue

Pest or Protector – The Environmental Defence Lawyer in 2010

Public Interest Environmental Law in Australia: Challenges and opportunities over the next 25 years

Access to Justice and the Need for Public Interest Environmental Lawyers

Return of the Grumpy Old Greenies

Access to Justice and the Need for Public Interest Environmental Lawyers


IMPACT! Issue 89, 2010 -  Download Issue

Making law work: Compliance and enforcement of native vegetation laws in NSW

River Red Gum: Barking Owls and broken laws on the Murray River

Native vegetation management in the Northern Territory - Preserving one of the last remaining expanses of natural areas on Earth

Encouraging effective carbon sink forests: Distinguishing the good from the bad and the ugly

Natural green carbon: A critical element in the fight against dangerous climate change

BioBanking in NSW – Stalemate between landowners and developers?


IMPACT! Issue 88, 2009 - Download Issue

Much hubbub about gas

Sink or swim?: An assessment of the legal responses to rising seas

Ocean acidification: The other CO2 problem

Killing the ‘men in the grey suits’: Australia’s shark (fin) fisheries

Walking away from considering climate change

Port hinchinbrook seadumping application refused!

Cases from the deep: Key coastal cases in the public interest


IMPACT! Issue 87, 2009 - Download Issue

Agriculture and climate change: the harsh truth

Can we eat coal? Human rights and coal mining

Building food security: living in the past or reinventing the future?

Are biofuels creating unfair competition for food?

How GM food is regulated in Australia and New Zealand: A story of standards, oil and sausages...

...and more!


IMPACT! Issue 86, 2008 - Download Issue

Gunns’ Proposed Tasmanian Pulp Mill – Does the End Justify Any Means?

Slip, Slop, SLAPP: It’s Time For Action

Justice in the Northern Territory?

Civil Society and Dissent: The Federal Government Strikes Back

Abiding by the Umpire’s Decision: Special Legislation and the Planning System in NSW and Australia

Plus 3 case notes


IMPACT! Issue 85, 2008 - Download Issue