Inquiry into Commonwealth Environmental Water EDOs of Australia submission

Inquiry into Commonwealth Environmental Water

EDOs of Australia (EDOA) has made a submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water.

21 May 2018 - Download this submission.

This submission addresses the Inquiry's four terms of reference and reiterates recommendations for improved management of environmental water.

We have considerable concerns regarding the current management of environmental water. A key rationale of the Basin Plan was to restore the Murray-Darling Basin to health. Recovering water for the environment is absolutely essential as a healthy system underpins healthy regional communities and economies. Despite this imperative, the benefits of the water recovered for the environment to date have been undermined by insufficient protection of environmental flows. This relates to our overarching concern regarding the failure on the part of the Commonwealth and certain Basin States to actively ensure we have a scientifically rigorous, risk-based approach to the management of the MDB’s variable and scarce water resources, underpinned by strong laws.

In addition to the non-compliance and lacklustre enforcement of unlawful extractions (both of which have recently received considerable media coverage), we are concerned about the current lawful mismanagement of Basin water resources, which is both serious and in our view systemic.