Inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures

Inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures – EDOs of Australia submission

March 2017 – Download PDF

In this submission, we explore the legal exemptions that have allowed shark netting and shark culling to operate in NSW, Queensland and WA, without full environmental impact assessment, and strongly recommend that all existing shark cull measures, and any new proposals, should be subject to full and rigorous assessment.

It is inappropriate for programs with questionable efficacy, that are known to impact on threatened and protected species, to be allowed to continue to operate and expand without comprehensive environmental assessment, including full consideration of alternative measures.

Given the lack of knowledge about the extent to which many of these species can withstand the loss arising from shark culls, the ongoing use of exemptions to allow shark culls is inappropriate.

For more, see NSW shark netting trials: an exception that should not become a rule, EDO NSW blog, 10 February 2017.

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