International Program

The key focus of our International Program is building the capacity of environmental lawyers in the South Pacific to protect the environment through the law

We provide assistance to organisations across the South Pacific and especially in Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. Issues we tackle with our partners include climate change, threats to marine environments, forestry, and mining. 

This work acknowledges the vulnerability of forest and marine environments in the South Pacific and the need for environmental law expertise and support in these countries.

Our International Program was established in response to a request for assistance from the Solomon Islands in 1991, and has since expanded to encompass a broad range of capacity-building activities in the region.

The services offered by our International Program reflect the multidisciplinary nature of our work undertaken and includes mentoring and technical support in relation to:

  • litigation;
  • policy and law reform;
  • legal outreach; and
  • scientific advice.

Our International Program activities are principally funded through the generous support of Rainforest Foundation Norway, the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and The Christensen Fund.

Our International Program also offers consultancy services on environmental law issues to government and inter-governmental organisations, including the United Nations Environment Programme and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

EDO NSW's International Program receives strategic advice from the EDO NSW International Advisory Committee, which consists of senior advocates, scholars and members of local, regional and international organisations active in environmental protection in the South Pacific region.

EDO NSW is a full member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID).  ACFID maintains the ACFID Code of Conduct (Code) which is a voluntary, self-regulatory sector code of good practice. EDO NSW is committed to full adherence with the Code, conducting our work with transparency, accountability and integrity. You can make a complaint alleging a breach of the Code by EDO NSW, in the first instance to our CEO, and if you are not satisfied with our response, the ACFID Code of Conduct Committee. More information about the Code can be found here:

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We work with a broad range of groups across Asia and the Pacific. While many of our partners do not maintain websites, the following links provide useful information about groups working in the region.

Objectives of EDO NSW's International Program

The objectives of the International Program are:

  • To enhance the capacity of local communities, individuals and organisations to achieve environmental conservation and sustainable development outcomes through legal mechanisms.
  • To raise the profile of environmental law at national and regional levels.
  • To promote the values of public participation and good governance and to empower the community to achieve better outcomes through the informed use of the law.
  • To build partnerships and networks for information-sharing and collaboration to maximise the effectiveness of capacity building work in the region.
  • To increase access to justice by working with diverse groups within the community, particularly women, disadvantaged and marginalised groups.
  • To increase understanding in Australia of the environmental and development law issues facing other countries in the region, and to develop support for and avenues for engagement in EDO NSW's capacity-building activities among the Australian community.