International River Symposium - EDO NSW

International River Symposium

Dr Emma Carmody, Senior Policy and Law Reform Solicitor at EDO NSW, spoke at the International River Symposium in Sydney this week.

On Monday 15 October 2018, Emma presented on the Ethics of Water Management: The Role of Independent Experts and Civil Society in Upholding – and Reforming – the Law.

On Tuesday, Emma presented with members of the Plus Alliance and Dr Bill Young (Head of Water, World Bank). Professor Greg Leslie (UNSW) introduced and chaired the session.


Professor Richard Kingsford (UNSW), Dr Bill Young, Professor Dave White (ASU) and Professor Michael Hanemann (ASU) made presentations about aspects of the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6, which concerns water. 

Emma's presentation looked at legal frameworks to implement SDG 6 (more particularly, the many social, economic and political barriers that need to be overcome before we can start to think about designing or improving laws to implement this goal).

"The presentation was really the beginning of what I hope will be a more detailed analysis of the relationship between SDGs and the law in different countries. Collaboration is welcome, so feel free to get in contact if this is of interest to you", Emma said after the symposium.