Join us in thanking our volunteers during Volunteer Week 2017

If you’ve ever called us for legal help or accessed our vast array of legal information, chances are you’ve used the services of one of our many volunteers. For National Volunteer week 2017, we’d like to introduce you to Jasmine and Kit, two of our talented, committed volunteers.

8 May 2017

 Kit and Jasmine

Jasmine and Kit in the EDO NSW office

Jasmine Morris is doing her Professional Legal Training with EDO NSW. Jasmine completed her Bachelor of Laws last year, part of which was an Honours thesis on environmental impact assessment in Western Australia. 

Since she started volunteering, Jasmine has undertaken a variety of tasks, including helping finalise a publication for our international program and supporting solicitors in our People for the Plains v Santos case.

"By making smart choices every day, we can reduce our impact on the planet."

Jasmine has been interested in protecting the environment since she was a teenager: “The real turning point for me was doing a seven week Living Smart course in 2015. I realised that my everyday choices were important. Whether by using a reusable coffee cup, taking public transport, or installing a rainwater tank – by making smart choices every day, we can reduce our impact on the planet.”

“The work at EDO NSW is interesting, varied and at times challenging. I like the professionalism and optimism of the staff and the way that volunteers are welcomed.”


Kit Holmes volunteers with us one day a week, helping our administration team keep the office running effectively. For many years, Kit was an outreach worker in women’s services. She now dedicates most of her energies to managing her 50 hectare farm south of Sydney, half of which is native rainforest.

"It’s another way I can give a little bit back to the environment.”

Kit is is deeply committed to improving the environment. She is very active in the valley where her farm is located. She takes part in the ‘quollidor’ project, which provides natural corridors for native quolls. At dusk, she’s out and about with a long pole, sneaking up behind unsuspecting wombats and treating them for mange, a real problem for the wombats in her area.

“I love volunteering at the EDO NSW office. The people are fantastic, and the work is so important. For me, it’s another way I can give a little bit back to the environment.”

Kit and Jasmine are just two of the many talented volunteers who help us. Please join us in thanking all our volunteers – their skills, dedication and passion make our work possible.

Volunteering at EDO NSW
If you’re passionate about protecting our environment and think you can contribute to the work of EDO NSW, we’d like to hear from you. Find out more about volunteering at EDO NSW.

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