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Law reform

We actively engage in environmental policy and law reform.

This work reflects our status as an independent, specialist legal centre. We put forward policy proposals suggesting ways the law can be improved in NSW and Australia. Our proposals may be in the form of:

  • submissions to Governments or parliamentary inquiries
  • proactive reports and consultancy projects
  • policy advice to Governments as a member of expert panels or stakeholder reference groups.

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For national environmental matters, we work with colleagues in EDOs of Australia and with national groups, to improve the law and protect the environment.

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Current opportunities for comment on law reform can be seen at Have Your Say.

Recent Submissions

EDOs of Australia (EDOA) has made a submission on the Water Amendment Bill 2018.

25 May 2018 - Download the submission.

DPE Community Participation Plan - EDO NSW submission

December 2018

As a community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental and planning law, a core part of our work is doing outreach and legal education to help build the capacity of people to engage in environmental and planning law processes. We therefore strongly support measures designed to improve public participation.

We have made comments on eight issues in this plan.

Download the submission >>


Review of Draft Flying-fox Code of Practice Authorising Camp Management Actions 2018

April 2018: EDO NSW has made a submission on the Draft Flying-fox Code of Practice Authorising Camp Management Actions 2018.

EDO NSW retains significant concerns with the scale of environmental harm that is being authorised through Codes of Practice under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. The Code maintains the trend of reducing regulatory oversight and independent expert consideration of harm to threatened species by removing the need to obtain a licence to harm flying-foxes prior to undertaking authorised camp management activities.

Download our submission >>

NOPSEMA Draft Regulations on Improving Consultation and Transparency of Offshore Oil and Gas

16 November 2018: Download this submission

This submission provides comment on the consultation and transparency provisions for offshore petroleum activities under the proposed Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Environment) Amendment (Consultation and Transparency) Regulations 2018 (draft Regulation).

EDOA welcomes the draft Regulation and strongly supports the proposal to improve consultation and transparency during the assessment of offshore petroleum activities consistent with recommendations previously made by EDOA. This submission provides brief feedback on:
- Sensitive information
- Publication of an Environment Plan
- Public comment period
- Levies, and
- Transitional provisions.

Resources Regulator Inquiry into Operational Mine Rehabilitation - compliance and reporting reforms

The Resources Regulator is consulting on a number of documents, including:

- Proposed Mining Lease Conditions;

- Code of practice: rehabilitation management plans and annual reports for large and small mines;

- Guidelines: Rehabilitation risk assessment; Rehabilitation records; Rehabilitation controls; Rehabilitation GIS Portal – overview and access; and Rehabilitation GIS Portal – spatial data (GIS) guidelines.

This EDO NSW submission is limited to commenting on key legal issues associated with these reforms.

31 October 2018

Download our submission >>

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