Legal Administrator - Duty Statement - EDO NSW

Legal Administrator - Duty Statement

The Legal Administrator is part of the EDO NSW Administration Team, which provides the administrative functions necessary to the operations of EDO NSW and to support its staff, management and clients. The Legal Administrator also plays a key role in ensuring the effective and efficient management of EDO NSW’s advice and litigation files.  The Legal Administrator reports to the Operations Director but also works under the direction of the Principal Solicitor on legal support tasks. The following list covers many of the possible day-to-day responsibilities of the Legal Administrator role. Additional responsibilities or modifications of the tasks on this list may be made at any time.

Reception and Frontline Service

  • Provide a reception service to those people who attend the office in person
  • Attend to phone calls and other inquiries in a polite and professional manner
  • Convey messages to other staff
  • Take incoming advice inquiries, record them and advise Duty Solicitor of a new inquiry

Legal Support

  • Create and manage legal files
  • Oversee the closing and archiving of legal files, including database entry and destruction
  • Prepare and manage legal documents
  • Assemble legal briefs
  • Assist with management of client correspondence and record-keeping
  • Liaise with Solicitors regarding client needs/outstanding payments
  • Liaise with clients, Barristers and other parties as required
  • Assist other staff to understand and use the office’s file management systems
  • Update databases, registers and other electronic and hard-copy records as required
  • Provide other legal support to Solicitors as required

General Office Support

  • Prepare and post outgoing mail; record and distribute incoming mail and faxes
  • Arrange couriers as required
    • Maintain office supplies, including monitoring inventory and re-ordering as needed
    • Ensure the efficient maintenance of office equipment
    • Research and organise purchase of office equipment and services as required
    • Ensure the effective provision of cleaning and security services
    • Liaise with the building manager in relation to repairs and maintenance issues
    • Undertake copying, scanning, faxing and arrange external printing of documents, as fits with other priorities
    • Liaise with suppliers and office service providers in a polite and professional manner
    • Identify and address WHS issues and contribute to a neat and tidy office

Volunteer Program Support

  • Assist with organising and supervising volunteers, especially in preparation for litigation
  • Assist with the ongoing recruitment and induction of volunteers
  • Assist with the updating of volunteer information and program records

Support to Staff and Programs

  • Arrange travel and accommodation as required
  • Assist with organising workshops and events, including bookings and managing RSVPs
  • Assist with copying and collating materials
  • Assist with document preparation, including meeting minutes, mail-outs, cover letters 


Any or all Administrative Officers may be engaged in administrative projects that are identified by the team or other staff members. The allocation of the project work will be decided based on workload and project deadlines.


All staff have a responsibility to:

  • Develop and maintain a good knowledge of the role and policies of EDO NSW
  • Represent EDO NSW in a positive and effective manner
  • Attend and contribute actively and constructively at staff meetings
  • Seek opportunities for personal and professional development, particularly related to the specific areas of responsibility
  • Respond to requests by clients and fellow staff in a knowledgeable, professional, constructive and polite manner
  • Provide accurate and timely data on activities for the information of funding bodies and performance reporting
  • Undertake other tasks as assigned, consistent with knowledge and skills