Fact Sheets - EDO NSW

Fact Sheets

EDO NSW is a community legal centre specialising in environmental law. We provide free initial legal advice.

We have a range of fact sheets to explain the law on different topics, such as tree disputes, pollution, planning and mining.

We also produce a range of plain English publications to demystify the law and encourage participation in environmental decision-making processes.

We have an extensive range of guides to the law that explain a range of environmental and natural resource management laws.

Our national environmental law journal Impact discusses topical environmental law issues from around Australia.

Our staff are regularly requested to speak at external conferences, symposiums and universities and regularly publish papers on environmental law in academic journals. 

Our International Program also produces a range of publications for our Partners in the Pacific and PNG. 

We also produce a free weekly eBulletin to keep you informed about the latest developments in environmental law and policy and opportunities to participate in the decision-making process.