Major gifts EDO NSW

Major gifts

You can help unleash the power of philanthropy to:

  • Restore access to justice for communities when it is restricted or compromised
  • Pioneer new frontiers of climate change litigation
  • Tackle land clearing with impactful, nationally coordinated legal solutions
  • Scale up legal investigations to achieve more systemic law reform outcomes.

Major gifts

In 2013 EDO NSW suddenly found itself facing potential demise. The Federal Government had withdrawn funding for community legal centres like us as part of a regressive trend restricting communities’ democratic right to access justice.

Realising the crucial role EDO plays and the irreplaceable value offered by our expert legal services, donors bearing gifts - modest and large - came to our aid.

This was a historic turning point for EDO NSW, which launched a mutually beneficial partnership with the philanthropic community, increasing our financial independence and helping individuals and community groups to defend the environment.

The EDO is continually grateful for the generous support of all our donors and take your investment in our work seriously. With it, we’ve developed new legal strategies that we’re keen to share and are committed to creating systemic change in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

When you give $5,000 or more in a single annual gift, you make a significant investment that propels the EDO closer to fulfilling our mission. EDO NSW provides access to justice for communities and organisations so that together we can protect our environment and cultural heritage. This incredible support has helped us:

  • run a federal legal challenge to the Adani mine in Queensland
  • protect communities from inappropriate developments in NSW
  • and carry out legal investigations that have instigated major water law reform.

We look to create legal solutions that change the game; there is no opponent too big to challenge on behalf of our clients. We encourage you to help us realise our vision of empowered communities and an environment protected through law.  

Investment in EDO NSW offers significant leverage

As a resourceful and efficient organisation, EDO NSW provides enormous leverage to philanthropists and our clients. The EDO offers consistent, high-level legal services to clients at a fraction of the commercial cost. Every dollar you invest delivers five times the value. For instance, a $100,000 gift equates to approximately 1300 hours of legal work per annum by a solicitor. A conservative commercial firm equivalent would be in excess of $500,000.

Through the assistance of volunteer law students, the EDO’s extensive register of pro bono and low bono experts and our large barrister network, we deliver a further $500,000 in value from that initial $100,000 gift. EDO NSW has also invested in an experienced fundraising team to build a reliable, sustainable income stream and further secure our financial independence.

There are several benefits to becoming an EDO NSW major donor:

  • Invitations to special major donor events and confidential briefings
  • Select mailings, including EDO Insider updates, letters from our CEO, annual reports and executive summaries from our legal research and investigations work
  • Opportunities for in-person and phone updates on our activities with our CEO and directors
  • A designated staff member who is available to respond to your requests or questions.

We’re keen for you to strengthen your commitment

Multi-year funding commitments

We deliver outcomes on par with the large commercial firms while operating on the budget of a community legal centre. Recruiting and retaining exceptional lawyers to run high-level litigation and investigation on noncompetitive salaries is increasingly difficult. One of the ways you can help is by providing the security of ongoing employment. Multi-year funding commitments not only help us hire great people, they allow them to focus on the important work with the assurance of continued employment.  

Matching gifts and lead donors

We’re always keen to hear from donors who want to use their financial investment to leverage more funds and therefore have a greater impact.

Pioneers of new frontiers

Creating systemic change takes innovation and leadership. We need a handful of influential people to step forward and join us as pioneers for change as we develop innovative legal solutions for today’s unique challenges. Your committed leadership would provide multi-year financial support to help scale up our legal teams, amplifying their impact and contributing to a brighter future for generations to come.

Please contact Amber Sprunt, Philanthropy Manager, to start the conversation on +61 2 9262 6989 or email amber dot sprunt at edonsw dot org dot au

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