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Gloucester’s Rocky Hill coal mine 'climate change' hearing begins

A landmark hearing in Australian courts that starts today will hear expert evidence about why the Rocky Hill Coal Project must be rejected to ensure that the carbon budget required to meet the global Paris climate commitment to keep temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius is not exceeded.

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FOI documents underpin new legal challenge to land-clearing Code

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW, represented by the Environmental Defenders Office NSW, has again commenced Court proceedings to challenge the validity of the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2018, on the basis of documents received under freedom of information laws.

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NSW planning laws failing to create meaningful nexus between words and action on climate change

A Court decision has exposed serious flaws in NSW planning laws.  The Court’s finding is that the State’s planning laws do not require decision-makers to consider the NSW Climate Change Policy Framework and Australia’s status as a signatory to the Paris Agreement when considering the approval of coal mining projects in NSW. 

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EDOs to provide legal support on Ranger Uranium Mine Closure Plan

The Environmental Defenders Offices in both NSW and the Northern Territory have been engaged by the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Environment Centre Northern Territory to provide legal expertise and advice on the closure planning process for Ranger Uranium Mine near Jabiru in the Northern Territory.

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FOI win reveals NSW offsets policy fails to meet national environmental standards – but was accredited anyway

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO NSW), representing Humane Society International Australia (HSI), has successfully argued the public has a right to know that the Australian Government decided to accredit the NSW landclearing offsets policy despite concerns it failed to meet national environmental standards.


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Community group gets say in Court review of Gloucester coal mine

Monday 23 April 2018 

The Land and Environment Court has agreed to our client, community group Groundswell Gloucester, participating in legal proceedings which will determine the fate of the Rocky Hill Coal project, a greenfield open cut coal mine at Gloucester.

During a full-day hearing on Friday last week, Gloucester Resources Limited strongly opposed Groundswell Gloucester’s application to join the case, arguing the Court should not hear from climate science and social impact experts in considering whether to approve the mine.

“The Environmental Defenders Office is pleased that our client has the opportunity to raise the critical issues of climate change and the social impact of this mine in the Court”, said EDO NSW CEO David Morris.

“Our client is allowed in to Court, and they are allowed to bring in climate science experts to present evidence on the mine’s contribution to climate change; they are also allowed to present expert evidence of the mine’s detrimental impacts of dust and noise on the community, as well as how it will fracture the social fabric of Gloucester”.

“The community of Gloucester has been fighting this mine proposal for 12 years. This appeal in which they will now play a key role, is the next step in this long journey..”

The mining company appealed to the Court after the NSW Planning Assessment Commission in December 2017 found the mine was not in the public interest because of its proximity to the town of Gloucester, significant visual impact and because it directly contravened the area’s zoning plans.

Climate change factors key in legal challenge to approval of Wallarah2 longwall coal mine

16 April 2018                                         

In an Australian first, the NSW Land and Environment court will hear arguments about the consideration of the Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) principle of intergenerational equity in the context of climate change.  EDO NSW, on behalf of the Australian Coal Alliance (ACA), filed proceedings today challenging the validity of the January 2018 Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) approval of the Wallarah 2 longwall coal mine on the Central Coast.

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Reintroduction of Code a missed opportunity

10 March 2018

The decision by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries to immediately remake the Land Management Native Vegetation Code without amendment (following yesterday's Court order declaring it invalid) is very disappointing. 

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Land-clearing Code declared invalid

The NSW Land & Environment Court has made an order declaring that “on and from 24 August 2017, the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2017 has been invalid and of no effect.”

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Court grants protection to critically endangered plant on site of massive western Sydney development

6 March 2018

Court grants protection to critically endangered plant on site of massive western Sydney development

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