Legal support - EDO NSW

Legal Support

We provide legal support to a range of organisations in the South Pacific working to protect the environment through the law

We regularly provide assistance in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and across the South Pacific region. Typically, we work with community groups and non-government organisations, but may also provide assistance to inter-governmental organisations and government departments.

Factors relevant to our decision to provide assistance include whether or not the matter:

Legal advice and litigation support

We can assist local lawyers providing legal advice and conducting litigation. Our solicitors can provide telephone and email support for legal research, review of documents and advice on strategy. For major cases, we may be able to travel to assist lawyers during litigation.

We can also assist groups to obtain assistance from barristers and other experts including scientists.

Our lawyers also participate actively in the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW), an international network of public interest environmental lawyers, to share and develop legal capacity in public interest organisations. For more information about E-LAW, go to:

Policy and law reform

We provide assistance to organisations in the South Pacific on local environmental policy and law reform. Our work in this area includes:

  • assisting with research and providing advice on policy and law reform issues;
  • providing support in drafting submissions, reviewing existing and proposed legislation, and drafting advice for new legislation;
  • publishing papers and delivering presentations to promote the development of environmental law in the region and internationally; and
  • arranging assistance from experts, including scientists.

We can also support organisations in Australia and the South Pacific seeking to influence and participate in international policy and law reform activities.  Our international policy and law reform work focuses on the areas of climate change and biodiversity.  We can provide advice to organisations working in international law and provide representation in international negotiations.

We are a specialist legal centre and our policy work reflects this status. We do not do campaigning work but we frequently put forward policy proposals suggesting ways that the law can be improved.

EDO NSW, as part of EDOs of Australia, is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN is the world's oldest and largest global environmental network and a key forum for the development of international environmental law.

Scientific and technical advice

Our in-house scientists provide scientific and technical advice to our lawyers and clients.

We maintain an expert register, comprising over 100 experts in a range of disciplines. These experts can be called on to provide pro-bono assistance in public interest matters.


We provide assistance to local groups working to empower the community to participate in environmental decisions and to inspire them to use the law to protect the environment. We can help groups to develop publications and other educational materials, and provide support for workshops and other training and community awareness activities.

Our International Program publications can be found here.


We can provide training and support on strategic planning, management and governance for public interest environmental law organisations.