Murray Darling Northern Basin Review - EDOs of Australiua

Murray Darling Northern Basin Review

Murray Darling Northern Basin Review – EDOs of Australia submission

February 2017 - Download PDF

This submission sets out why EDOs of Australia do not support the proposal to cut the volume of water available for the environment in the Murray Darling's Northern Basin, and why we do not support proposed increases in extraction from three groundwater sources (some of which is earmarked for CSG projects). We also outline our key concerns about the latest trajectory of water policy in the Murray Darling Basin.

EDOs of Australia have consistently argued that while the Water Act requires the Basin Plan to optimise socio-economic (as well as environmental) outcomes, this can only be achieved if the river system is managed sustainably. Failure to do so will ultimately undermine the long-term viability of the industries and communities that depend on a healthy Murray-Darling.

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