North Coast Environment Council Inc v Minister of Resources (No1)

December 1994

EDO NSW acted for the North Coast Environment Council (NCEC) in proceedings brought against the Minister for Resources in relation to a three month export woodchip licence issued by the Minister in June 1994 to Sawmillers Exports Pty Limited. The NCEC sought reasons from the Minister under section 13 of the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review Act (ADJR Act) for his decision to issue the licence. Entitlement to reasons was dependant upon the NCEC showing that it was a "person aggrieved" within the meaning of the Act. The only issue raised by the proceedings was therefore whether the NCEC had standing to request reasons for the Minister's decision. His Honour Mr Justice Sackville concluded that the NCEC had standing.

EDO NSW is grateful to barristers Mr J. Basten QC and Mr N. Williams for their assistance in this matter.