One-Stop-Chop regional forests agreements EDO NSW


One Stop Chop: How Regional Forests Agreements Streamline Environmental Destruction

This October 2010 report was prepared by Environment Defenders Offices in Tasmania, Victoria and NSW.

It draws on data from relevant court cases and information from readily available sources such as annual reports, five-yearly RFA reviews and State Government audits and reports, and comprises the following parts:
- an examination of the history of RFAs, the legal context in which they operate and recommendations from reviews of the RFA regime under the EPBC Act;
- an overview of the forest management regimes in each of the RFA States (Annexure 1);
- an assessment of environment outcomes under these forest management regimes, particularly in relation to matters of national environmental significance;
- a review of compliance standards in each of the RFA States;
- a review of enforcement activities in each of the RFA States; and
- commentary regarding the extent to which the RFA regime has reduced conflict in respect of forestry activities.

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