Overwhelming response from EDO NSW supporters - EDO NSW

Overwhelming response from EDO NSW supporters

Since my last blog post, EDO NSW has continued to receive an incredible show of support from the community.

We have been inundated with letters that have been sent to politicians and the media. Here are some extracts:

“Without the EDO, there would be more hotheaded and troublesome challenges … It is the EDO which disciplines objection into legitimate, informed and proper public participation … In supporting a healthy EDO, any government demonstrates its own integrity”

“They [EDO NSW] provide a very important community service for people of all political stripes who find themselves unexpectedly facing development proposals that put their local environments at risk … because community members generally have much smaller financial interests in proposals than proponents, for broad equity in the system it is most important that we have groups like the EDO to support local community members with advice and representation”

“The work they [EDO NSW] do is vital. They are committed people with talent and experience who are not in it for the big bucks but for the betterment of our society. They can mobilise very good litigators on low fees or a pro bono basis too which is vital for a court case. In some cases they can get an eminent QC or SC to act too which is way beyond the ability of many people or communities.”

Please keep your letters coming. We need your ongoing support in our efforts to secure ongoing funding so we can maintain our services to help you to help our environment. Find out what you can do on our website.