Primary Production and Rural Development - submission on proposed SEPP

EDO NSW submission on the Explanation of Intended Effect for a new State Environmental Planning Policy on Primary Production and Rural Development (proposed SEPP)

January 2018 - Download this submission

The Department of Planning and Environment’s proposal would revise and consolidate five rural and agricultural SEPPs into one Primary Production and Rural Development SEPP. 

EDO NSW sees the in-principle benefits in ensuring planning controls are up-to-date, accessible and effective. In doing so it is also important that environmental protections and community engagement are maintained and improved, consistent with the aims of planning and environmental legislation.

Part 1 of this submission considers some important issues upfront that are not dealt with, or fully dealt with, in the Explanation of Intended Effect:
- two guiding principles – on maintaining environmental protections and community engagement, and transparency in SEPP reviews and outcomes;
- how the reforms will affect land use on Environmental zones (E-zones); and
- the need for closer regulation and best practice guidance for intensive plant agriculture (such as berry farming).

Part 2 comments on the proposed new Primary Production and Rural Development SEPP.

Part 3 comments on proposed amendments to other planning instruments and regulations and draft guidelines for intensive livestock agriculture.

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