Review of Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 - EDO NSW

Review of Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000

Review of Environmental and Planning Assessment Regulation 2000 (Issues paper) - EDO NSW submission

November 2017 - Download submission

This submission makes comments and recommendations on the NSW Planning Regulation and the Department’s Issues Paper. 

The Regulation is important as it underpins the day-to-day operation of the NSW planning system. The Regulation guides the processes, plans, public consultation, impact assessment and decisions made by local councils, the Department of Planning and others.

Part A of our submission suggests some guiding principles to inform the Review and development of a draft revised Planning Regulation:

  1. Achieving the aims of the Act and government policy objectives:
  2. Transparent information and effective engagement on planning matters:
  3. Development categories – ensure the greatest impacts receive the greatest scrutiny
  4. Specific consultation needed on giving effect to the Planning Bill 2017.

Part B examines:

-       ‘Existing provisions and known issues’ noted in the Issues Paper that are relevant to the public interest; and

-  ‘Other issues’ that EDO NSW sees as important for the Review to address in any redrafted Regulation.

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